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An exceptional speaker who has worked with a number of our leading clients from both the UK and China. Professor Lawton’s real value is the ability to define his approach to each client, which is emphasized by the time he takes and level of detail he goes into to understand their primary objectives. I look forward to working with him on numerous programmed this year.
Mark Carberry, Head of Sales & Marketing and Global Programme Director
The Moller Centre for Continuing Education, Churchill College, University of Cambridge

Thank you for two excellent Master classes. I really enjoyed the sessions and the wealth of examples really brought it to life for me. It's always a challenge to find the time to step away from the office for a day, but your sessions certainly demonstrated their worth and I know that there is a lot that I can directly apply back in the workplace.
Sinead Wheeler, Head of Learning & Development
Virgin Media

Our audience feedback shows that they found your keynote presentation insightful, stimulating and thought provoking. It provided them with a practical toolkit and clear examples to enhance their understanding of what can be achieved with a clear strategy. We were very pleased that it achieved the inspiring and energetic start to our conference that we were seeking.
Jeremy Hall, Managing Director
IRM UK Strategic IT Training Ltd.

In the plenary speeches and workshops he has delivered to SHTA members, Thomas Lawton has inspired business leaders to move beyond the average and the obvious to be the best they can be. Professor Lawton's accessible and innovative approach to strategy and leadership provides entrepreneurs and managers alike with the tools and techniques needed to steer their companies towards market triumph.
Chris Chan, President
Singapore High Technology Association

Thomas Lawton provided a very professional series of lectures and workshops for the All-Island Innovation Programme. We were particularly struck by the accessibility of his message about how developing your business strategy was the key to creating competitive advantage. The firms who attended the workshops were full of praise for the practical insights and how these might be applied to their situations.
Dr. Eoin Magennis, President

The participants appreciated Dr. Lawton's wealth of information on the subject, in addition to being a lucid speaker. His depth of knowledge came through in the presentation and particularly in handling questions and queries raised.
Mrs B. J. Manohar, Director of Training
Air India

In the opinion of our entire group, everybody has found the material very useful and your presentation skills excellent. Everybody who was at that session wants to go to the next training event!
Ksenia Dyskina, Human Resources & Training Manager
S7 Airlines, Russia

Professor Lawton's seminars are the real deal. He brings new insights into the strategy of growing businesses in an increasingly competitive world. Backed by years of research and experience, Prof Lawton manages to translate a potentially dry topic into one that is engaging, clear and practical.
Paul Yeo, Director
BizCube Solutions Pte Ltd., Singapore

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