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Cleared for Takeoff

The Routledge Companion to Non-Market Strategy delivers a world-class reference work that provides the reader with the first comprehensive and leading edge overview of scholarship in the ill-defined and rapidly expanding area of non-market strategy.


Strategic Managment in Aviation cover

Breakout Strategy

Cleared for Takeoff

Cleared for Takeoff provides one of the first academic studies of the low fare airline sector, its market and competitor context and the structures and strategies of its main protagonists in Europe and globally.

Strange Power

Strange Power examines the collective work of the late Susan Strange and provides a multifaceted and authoritative view of international power in the era of the global economy.

European Industrial

European Industrial Policy and Competitiveness represents a comprehensive and penetrating analysis of the multitude of policies that impact the competitiveness of European industry.

European Industrial

Technology and the New Diplomacy delivers an EU - U.S. comparative study of government-industry collaboration in the semiconductor industry and its impact on competitiveness.


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